Challenge Your Professional Life

A coffee table book by Rebel & MENDO

Rebellion in business: a contradictio in terminis? In this book, current, former and future Rebels deconstruct the concept of the office as a symbol for the conventional, the uninspiring, the predictable and predetermined. In celebration of the theme for the Dutch ‘Boekenweek’ 2020, Rebels and Cross Thinkers, Rebel has partnered with publisher MENDO to publish a printed “coffee table” book exploring the idea of rebellion.

Rebellion in the workplace

Taking our own organization as a case study, we explore the concept of rebellion in the workplace. At Rebel we are committed to bringing about change, initiating and realizing our own projects. We make an impact as consultants and investors and have organized ourselves in a non-conventional way. Some of us believe this works – others believe this will eventually mean an end to the organization as we know it.

“A new way of thinking about the future and ourselves”

A book that stimulates out-of-the-box thinking

This book is written in true Rebel spirit: we don’t spare ourselves of critique. We ask open-ended questions that can leave the reader with answers – but we also hope they will stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and create nontraditional pathways forward.

Become a rebel leader

Because why wouldn’t the workplace serve as a playground, a space for fruitful collaboration and experimenting? This book offers case studies, methods and inspiration for the ways to go about this. For the few crazy enough to believe they can, this is your invitation to become the rebel leader your organization – and the world – has been waiting for.

“Ready to unleash your inner rebel?”


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