Bouncing Back series

Rebel(lious) visions for a post-Covid-19 society

From another workplace…

We published our book, Challenge Your Professional Life, right before Covid-19 hit, when countries were slowly starting to talk about lockdowns. When the concept of workplace changed, so did the meaning of rebellion in the workplace.

To another society…

And we wondered; what perspectives could Rebels bring to the table for a post-Covid recovery? A recovery not just in terms of health, but also a recovery for the economy, the environment, mobility…

Only to bounce back, stronger.

The world might not look the same, and maybe we don’t want it to! Rebels discuss various industries post-Covid-19: From plastic recycling to carbon emissions to the construction industry. Have a read ?  or download the Ebook.

The Ebook

Read or download the Ebook version of the Bouncing Back series.

Bouncing Back, the Ebook is a content and action-focused collection of opinion pieces, packed with ideas for a more sustainable tomorrow.


1. How a clear leitmotif can help guide economic recovery

Rebels Lenny van Klink & Enno Gerdes argue that a clear leitmotif can help us make smart choices.


2. Economic recovery demands a strong, smart but restrained government

Follow-up opinion piece by Rebels Lenny van Klink & Enno Gerdes, who are calling for a strong, smart government but one that knows when not to intervene.


3. Diversification potential

Rebel Johan-Paul Verschuure discusses changing market conditions and trends in the maritime supply chain.


4. A new opportunity for the mobility transition

Rebels Remco Derksen and Martin van der Does de Bye on the renewed focus on innovative mobility drivers.


Bouncing Back | from vulnerable to resilient
5. From vulnerable to resilient: creating levers that bring real change to neighborhoods

Rebel Lenny van Klink argues which form of collaboration not only supports neighborhoods, but also makes them more resilient by design.


6. Four opportunities for the construction industry to become future-proof

Rebels Renée Jaarsma and Yasmine Hamdan challenge the construction industry to stop acting up. They identifying four opportunities to transform the sector in a way that enables construction to work for everyone.


7. A crisis bigger than the corona crisis

Rebels Bart Budding, Winfried de Coo and Richard de Bruin remind us that we have two curves that need flattening; Covid-19 and global warming.


8. The blow to the recycling industry no one saw coming

Our Rebels Nicolein Blanksma and Reinier van der Vusse are leading lights in the circular economy. In this piece they describe how the Covid crisis has really put our relationship with plastic under the magnifying glass.


9. Keep track of your environmental impact like you keep track of your finances

This week, Nina van Rijn and Kees Kerstens provide you with tools to measure, track, and improve your organisation’s carbon footprint.


10. Building green: sustainable opportunities for the construction industry

Rebel Jonathan Verdonck doesn’t hold back with his suggestions for a more sustainable construction industry. The options for a greener way of building are endless.


11. Healthcare after Covid: stocking up, waiting for the next pandemic, or reaching out to nip it in the bud?

Healthcare used to be something local, national at best. Covid-19 changed all of that. Rebel Barend van Lieshout proposes a strategy to prepare our global healthcare systems for the next outbreak.


12. Fixing family leave

Rebels Renée Jaarsma, Dexter Voskamp, Richard de Bruin and Radboud Koning provide a facts-based contribution to this highly sensitive public debate.


13. Building more resilience: from pandemics to PPPs

Rebels Christine Shepherd, Elisa Donadi and Irene Pohl provide practical tools & advice to prepare PPP projects for (unexpected) future events.