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“Firstly, this book is pleasing to the eye. You can tell a lot of attention was paid to the details, the visuals work together as a whole. Crammed with inspiring anecdotes and interviews, which I personally do not read chronologically, but that works nonetheless. I highly recommend this book to people who want to learn to properly channel their skills or give others the opportunity to do so, as a gift for a special occasion.”


“I recently received this book as a birthday gift and it’s a real page turner. It looks good on my table and it’s appealing both visually and textually, although at times also confusing. I do believe the confusing part is intentional, to keep it rebellious. It contains lots of cool examples and cases that make you think or encourage you to start a conversation.”


Compliments, Commentary and Critique

Don't trust the author, trust the tale.

"My sincere complements on publishing "Challenge your Professional Life"

Marc-André Roy

We compete with Rebel is many, mostly emerging markets, but this is besides the point of my note.

I read Challenge Your Professional Life with great interest. I must admit that I am jealous. I wish we had published something like is (although our narrative would be a bit different - most of us at best have rebel in us (!) and we are quite comfortable with our more traditional organizational form despite being highly motivated by thinking outside the box to have greater impact). I would be curious to know how you brew culture at Rebel when operating as separate quasi independent ventures.

In any case, I have always been impressed by how Rebel communicates. It is inspiring. And I am even more so impressed by this book. My sincere complements.


"Eens een beetje rebels, altijd een beetje rebels"

Hermine van Helden

11 Maart j.l. Boekpresentatie van Rebel.
Een uitnodiging via social media.
Geen vette klant,
geen relatie met potentieel voor de toekomst.
Na de verbazing, dat iedere bezoeker een boek kreeg aangeboden,
het plezier van het thuis bekijken.
Zo mooi vormgegeven,
zo verfrissend anders, kunst en boek.
“Challenge your professional life”
Ik legde het op mijn oude bureau.
Donderdag 12 maart begon de pandemie oom zich heen te slaan.
Alle geprogrammeerde zaken lagen stil.
Nederland werd stil, rustig, geen auto’s,
geen vliegtuigen, geen werk. Ik werd stil.
En op mijn oude bureaut lag het boek me aan te kijken.
”Challenge your professional life”.
Ik hoefde zelf niets te doen,
de challenge lag ongevraagd op mijn stoep.

Ik wist dat ik er iets over wilde schrijven, maar geen daden,
Maar stil zijn heeft een houdbaarheidstijd.
Inmiddels het boek bekeken, gelezen en de quizz gedaan.
(Ik kan ermee door.)

Een investering in mezelf gedaan en nieuwe contacten gelegd.
Er is weer een paadje vooruit te zien.
Eens een beetje rebels, altijd een beetje rebels.

Het boek mag blijven liggen, de oproep geldt voor iedere dag.

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We imagine you could be curious about one of the following things:

  • Why was the book written in the first place?

We thought it was time to evaluate our own development as a company. An opportunity was presented to us in the form of the theme of a Dutch cultural week related to books. The 2020 theme was about the value of rebellion; why is it essential to have rebels? Why should we embrace them? Such a question, presented to a company called Rebel demands an answer. Our answer lays in the contribution of our book.

  • Who is the author A. Rebel?

A(ll) of the Rebels that contributed to writing, revising and finalizing this work. And even though the book reads as if it was voiced by a single person, it is a collection of thoughts that we tried to put into writing.

  • What makes this book so special?

From concept to print it took no less than three months to realize the entire project. It is a team effort. By opening up, and really working together, the most beautiful things can be created. We only made sure that there was an electrifying moment at the start; the rest is history.

  • What are other people saying about the book?

There are a number of reviews you check out on this page.

  • Where Can I find a free chapter to scroll through?

We design a special page with a number of free chapters, here.

  • When would be a good time to pick up this book and give it a read?

Anytime your gears feel jammed up, when you are in need of alternatives to the status quo, when you think you know best, you feel you know best and you have the data to proof you know best, but you still feel

Bouncing Back

Rebel(lious) visions for a post-COVID-19 society

From a different workplace

We published our book right before Covid-19 hit, when countries were slowly starting to talk about lockdowns. When the concept of workplace changed, so did the meaning of rebellion in the workplace.

To a different society

And we wondered; what perspectives could Rebels bring to the table for a post-Covid recovery? A recovery, not just in terms of health – but also – a recovery for the economy, the environment, mobility…

To bounce back, stronger

The world might not look the same, and maybe we don’t want it to! Rebels discuss various industries post-covid19: From plastic recycling to carbon emissions to the construction industry… have a read!

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