Mid-level Finance & Strategy Consultant (EN)

Rebel is looking for a finance and strategy consultant with an interest in international infrastructure and public service projects.

Who are we looking for?

We are on the lookout for a new Rebel to join our team. An ambitious professional with 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in the field of infrastructure finance, investment management, economics and/or procurement who can help to further grow our business – but also somebody who takes a broader interest in Rebel’s activities as a whole. Somebody who wants to deepen and expand their understanding of the financial and economic dynamics of projects and policies in infrastructure, actively contribute to them, and create more value and business along the way.

  • You bring between 3 and 5 years of relevant working experience, for example in a financial advisory or investment management role.
  • You hold a graduate degree (i.e. MSc, MA, or MBA) in economics, business, finance, public administration or equivalent from a reputable university.
  • You have a keen interest and linkage with problems and challenges at the public-private interface, in particular in infrastructure and public investment projects.
  • You have a proven ability to solve financial/economic problems on the basis of conceptual thinking as well as through application of quantitative analysis.
  • You have proven analytical capacity, strong speaking and writing skills in English and preferably a minimum of one other language (French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic or Russian would be an advantage).
  • You have the ability to work independently, create and seize opportunities where they arise, bring a strong commercial drive combined with an interest in social and civic issues – and you see yourself developing an ambition to contribute to our growth and make Rebel even more successful!

What we offer

We offer a dynamic and exciting job in a creative and entrepreneurial environment, in which you will have maximal space, opportunity and support to expand your professional and personal horizons and develop the Rebel in you. You will work from our main offices in Rotterdam in the Netherlands (relocation to the Netherlands will be required for applicants from abroad), although frequent international travelling should be expected. You will not have a boss and will be given full flexibility to arrange your working schedule as you see fit. You will be provided with ample autonomy, encouragement, remuneration and the opportunity to co-invest both in Rebel itself as well as in new Rebel initiatives.

Contact and applications

Interested? Send your resume and motivation letter before November 20th to career@rebelgroup.com.

About us

In 2002 we started Rebel because we wanted to make the world a little bit better. Today, around 200 Rebels are working from our main offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Washington DC on projects in socially relevant sectors including real estate, infrastructure, mobility and transport, culture, healthcare, water, solid waste & circular economy and renewable energy.

We believe in small-scale business and entrepreneurship. For this reason Rebel is organised as a galaxy of small ventures in which we are both employees and shareholders. Ventures are involved not only in advising but also in investing, for example through projects in which we are co-providers of capital, or through the setup of new business initiatives or investment funds.

RebelGroup International is the primary platform for Rebel’s international activities, working in close cooperation with our fellow Rebels on four continents. We assist governments, development banks, private infrastructure developers and construction companies with the development, financing and implementation of infrastructure, public service and public-private partnership projects at a global scale. We provide these services by supporting infrastructure tender processes, project finance deals, project development, fund design and development, and public policy strategies across the full spectrum of sectors in which Rebel operates. We strive to remain at the forefront of innovation in those sectors, working on the themes of the future (smart cities, hyperloop, autonomous shuttles, circular economy, etc.). We love what we do and particularly enjoy putting our hard financial and economic skills at the service of impactful projects in developed and emerging markets.

Example projects

Some of our projects include:

  • Supporting the Government of the Bahamas in the development of a sovereign wealth fund and infrastructure growth investment platform;
  • Developing a solution for the management of municipal solid waste in a city in Peru;
  • Supporting the implementation of small-scale solar projects in Cabo Verde;
  • Tendering the operations of a Bus Rapid Transit project in Tanzania;
  • Developing a smart city/internet of things platform in Saudi Arabia;
  • Advising on a multi-airport transaction in Puerto Rico;
  • Drafting a public-private partnership strategy for the African Development Bank;
  • Designing a financing strategy for a multi-billion hydropower project in Pakistan;
  • Advising a large European railway operator on the elaboration of a business plan and financial strategy for the California High-Speed Rail in the US;
  • Tendering and implementing a contactless smartcard system for all metropolitan transit services in a city in the Philippines;
  • Organising a tender for medical laboratories and dialysis centres in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Designing an implementation and financing plan for a large land reclamation and flood protection project in Jakarta in Indonesia;
  • Supporting the largest construction company worldwide in its bid for the construction and operation of a toll road in Ghana.