Jeroen Trimpe Burger

As a Rebel in East Africa, realising positive change for me requires clarity of understanding. To establish in a situation what is necessary and possible, I simply start with listening.

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In brief

From Nairobi, Kenya, I address the questions set by both the public as well as the private sector. Training and experience in political science, economic policy and development studies help me to tackle a challenge from differing perspectives. My focus is on alternative forms of development finance, capital market trends and project planning, often in the water sector.

Like a lot of Rebels I use sports to keep my eye on the ball: rugby and football but also yoga or a long walk. By traveling and reading I continue to discover Africa, this great continent.

Like many Rebels, I find regular relaxation in sport: rugby, soccer, yoga, or a long hike. I also enjoy exploring the African continent by reading a book or traveling.