Irene Pohl

A colleague once said of me: ‘Irene is like a Swiss army knife: sharp, reliable, and useful in almost any situation.’ I still think that was a nice compliment.

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In brief

I like to look at the world through the eyes of an economist – and I do mean the whole world! For example, at Rebel I work on financial and economic issues in almost all sectors and in many different countries, with a particular passion for water and climate. My work ranges from social cost-benefit analysis of urban climate adaptation in Rotterdam to overseeing a PPP project in the waste sector in Peru. But what characterizes all my work is sharp economic analysis, a sound knowledge of what the project is about, and a strong drive to make a positive contribution to society. That’s what I’m determined to achieve.

I also travel widely with my family in Germany and with an international volunteer organization, the Lions Club. At the weekend, this means I might be taking underprivileged children to the zoo or playing bingo in a nursing home. What makes me happiest is not only analyzing the world, but also making a positive contribution to it.