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Traveling to Antwerp the smart way with the mobility market place

Antwerp is moving towards a mobility transition that goes beyond improving accessibility. Rebel supports Smart Ways to Antwerp by offering a high-quality mobility service and realizing smart mobility choices.

The challenge

Like many other cities, Antwerp has to deal with pressure on accessibility, scarce public space, climate challenges and guaranteeing quality of life. A radical mobility transition is needed.

The approach

In 2015 Smart Ways to Antwerp already had the ambition to organize half of the trips in the Antwerp region in an alternative way. At the time it was to cope with major road works, but now itis from the point of view of the necessary mobility transition. Rebel is – together with several partners – a permanent advisor for the City of Antwerp. Together we determine the course to of action to realize the transition. We do this by improving (the quality of) the mobility form available. For example, by organizing a Marketplace for Mobility, in which the city enters into a partnership with private mobility providers so that they can launch or expand their services in a structured, fast and tailor-made manner to Antwerp. With this we ensure that a diverse range of mobility and logistics services is available in Antwerp. At the same time, we encourage the use of this service. We inform and enthuse specific target groups to make use of this service in order to actually arrive at alternative trips. We approach the traveler based on their own needs and look at the possibilities per target group and/or area. 

Our main task is to build public-private partnerships. We collect and make data available and we run concrete projects to get one step closer to the desired mobility transition.

“In recent years we have built up a strong collaboration with the Smart to Antwerp team. Realizing innovation is not always easy, but with passion and perseverance we can come one step closer to a future-proof mobility system in Antwerp.” – Nicole Van Gils.

Realising an innovative approach to the required mobility transition in Antwerp.