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Tackling the unique and challenging civil aviation market in South Africa

Aviation is a transportation sector undergoing immense changes in business models, networks and engagement with sustainability issues. These challenges are even more pronounced and acute in a hinterland, middle-economy market like South Africa.

The Challenge

The economic role of Aviation for a country cannot be understated, from critical goods transport to tourism to regional mobility, the sector is integrated into numerous facets of society.

Yet, the nature of aviation is changing globally, from the climate change implications to the consolidation of flight patterns along East / West routes, South Africa must grapple with major challenges that have implications for human resources, physical infrastructure, and governmental programmatic support. Additionally, affordability is a significant constraint on the growth of the South African aviation sector. As a middle-income country, the hurdle rate on general flight tickets present a significant constraint to industry growth.

Thus, the South African Civil Aviation Authority commissioned us to identify a structured Industry Growth Strategy for the South African aviation industry.


We are in the process of developing this growth strategy for the industry – supported by the South African Civil Aviation Authority- underpinned by a deep-dive into the economic value chains and cost drivers of Aviation in the South African Market.

The initial deliverable, the Landscape Analysis, aims to provide stakeholders with a mutual understanding of how the industry got to where it is, how it has performed globally, regionally, and locally, its structure and the forces that are likely to impact it into the future. This Landscape Analysis provides an important input for identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which will support strategy development and implementation.

The strategy will then be supported through a consensus building approach that will directly interface with the critical industry stakeholders (business, professional associations, and government).

Providing a holistic and evidence-based strategy, supported by the private and public sector, that will serve to guide future policy, funding, and programmes in South Africa’s aviation sector.


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