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Added value of intensive youth coaching following detention

How do you ensure that young people do not relapse after detention? The Municipality of Rotterdam approached Rebel for help investigating this issue.

The Challenge

The Municipality of Rotterdam has set up a pilot project in which 12 young people will receive extremely intensive youth coaching following three years of detention: the total approach. Rebel has been asked to draft a social business case (maatschappelijke business case, MBC) for this approach. The intention is to find out whether this approach provides added value, and if so, then how the approach can be established and perhaps scaled up.

The Approach

Preparing an MBC involves several steps, the first of which is to create a starting image that describes the approach and the target group – which young people have entered the process, and what are their characteristics and qualities? Next, we draw up an ‘effects tree’ to show the causality between intervention and effect. This forms the basis for calculating costs and benefits. By connecting indicators to the effects, we make the effects measurable and can calculate the costs and benefits of the approach.

However, we don’t do this only by means of desk research. We also consult with youth coaches and probation officers on individual cases, with neighbourhood team managers on the organisation of work processes and chain cooperation, with policy staff about the intended goals, and with controllers about the data.

We bring together a variety of professionals and perspectives during working sessions and refine our analyses together. This means that the MBC combines quantitative and qualitative insights, thereby doing justice both to the practice of an individual coaching process, and to the desire to achieve a cost-effective and standardised method of working.

We don’t draft the MBC from behind our desks. We consult with youth coaches on cases, with neighbourhood team managers about work processes, and with controllers about the data. We then bring these people and perspectives together in working sessions.’ – Katja Crooijmans

Based on our MBC, the municipality has decided to continue and scale up youth coaching.


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