A long track record in ports

The Rebel adventure began in 2002. We now work with more than 200 Rebels from our offices all over the world with headquarters in Rotterdam and Antwerp, near to the largest container ports in northwest Europe. We offer a mixed team of port economists, engineers, operational- and finance experts advising private sector organizations and port authorities around the world. By integrating strategic, operational, technical and financial expertise, we serve the ‘whole client’ from the executive leadership to the local management.

Rebel has a long history in the port & logistics sector as economic, financial and procurement advisers. We offer an in-house team of port and logistics specialists who combine their deep sector knowledge of port and logistics operations with their financial and economic skills to address today’s challenges in a broader social and sustainability transition process.

We are committed to bringing change, initiating and realizing our own projects. For each project, we make maximum use of Rebels’ specific market and sector knowledge in our own team or other teams, many of which have a background in the private sector. This makes us a strong project team with a great deal of substantive knowledge of the economics and risks of the port and logistics market.

We invite you to join, to become part of the change. Let’s think beyond existing structures. As governments, as companies and as individuals. No change without a Rebel.

Our skills

  • Strategy formulation
  • Market studies
  • Policy development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • PPP
  • Transactions
  • Business planning
  • Master planning
  • Operational improvement
  • Financial structuring
  • Risk analysis
  • Asset management
  • Contract management

We offer the full consulting package, but also foster business innovation working on projects such as Blockchain, Cold Ironing and Port as a Service. We prefer listening to our clients and develop together a purpose built work plan leveraging our industry expertise, intellectual creativity and strong commitment. We embrace practical and fact-based research combined with tailor-made analytics to provide our clients with the best advice.

PORT Toolbox

Working closely with leading decision takers in the port industry, we have developed a set of tools enabling strategy, tactics and operations. We introduce powerful tools for modern port managers. The hands-on analytics combine and visualize information generating the necessary business intelligence to maximize value from Markets, Operations, Investments and Finance. Below we have included short movies for three example tools.


Currently going on

We examine best practices and recommended approaches to develop decarbonisation roadmaps of container terminals operations. We also toach upon additional ways to tackle decarbonisation of other processes in container terminals such as implementation of shore power and improving energy efficiency.

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“The Dutch government is faced with various challenges in the areas of employment, economic development and sustainability – and a series of projects currently underway in the port of Rotterdam are proving particularly relevant in this context. The financial and strategic consultancy firm Rebel has validated the effects of this series, known as the Starter Motor projects.”

Read the press release | Port of Rotterdam

‘The maritime industry is accused of being slow to change and not entrepreneurial enough. JP Verschuure feels that COVID-19 may change this situation.’ Read the article published in Port Strategy, June 2020:

Diversification Potential, by Rebel Johan-Paul Verschuure

Rebel supported the Danish shipping company DFDS Seaways NV with the submission of a project proposal for obtaining a European subsidy. The result: 2.155.400 euros, which will be used to improve the capacity and efficiency of a port terminal in Ghent.

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Container terminal design is a complex process that requires extensive planning and careful risk management. Together with Kalmar we wrote the whitepaper ‘Designing future-proof container terminals’.

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At Rebel we work on sustainability solutions with which we can make an impact. One of those projects is the implementation of shore power installations in seaports to reduce harmful emissions.

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With an increasing amount of container terminals around the world, it has become more and more important for terminal operators to conduct their work as efficient as possible. Nienke Mutters conducted a simulation study on the relation between stochasticity and the performance of stacking operations of import containers.

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