Ports and logistics

A long track record in ports

Rebel has set a strong focus on ports from the very beginning. In 2004, Rebel and Royal Haskoning started together a specialized port advisory Joint Venture named Maritime Transport and Business Solutions (MTBS). MTBS was divested in 2010 by means of a MBO.

We have continued our long track record in seaport, waterways and maritime projects covering port and terminal projects throughout all continents. Nowadays, we offer a mixed team of port economists, engineers, operational- and finance experts advising private and public clients around the world.

By integrating strategic, operational, technical and financial expertise, we serve the “whole client” from the executive leadership to the local management.

Our skills

  • Strategy formulation
  • Market studies
  • Policy development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • PPP
  • Transactions
  • Business planning
  • Master planning
  • Operational improvement
  • Financial structuring
  • Risk analysis
  • Asset management
  • Contract management

We offer the standard consulting package, but also foster business innovation working on projects such as Blockchain, Cold Ironing and Port as a Service. We prefer listening to our clients and develop together a purpose built work plan leveraging our industry expertise, strong engagement and intellectual creativity. We embrace practical and fact-based research combined with tailor-made analytics to provide our clients with the best advice.

In development: PORT Toolbox

Working closely with leading decision takers in the port industry, we are developing a set of tools enabling strategy, tactics and operations. This booklet will introduce five powerful tools for modern port managers. The hands-on analytics combine and visualize information generating the necessary business intelligence to maximize value from Markets, Operations and Investments. You will find it here soon.


Currently going on

Container terminal design is a complex process that requires extensive planning and careful risk management. Together with Kalmar we wrote the whitepaper ‘Designing future-proof container terminals’.

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At Rebel we work on sustainability solutions with which we can make an impact. One of those projects is the implementation of shore power installations in seaports to reduce harmful emissions.

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With an increasing amount of container terminals around the world, it has become more and more important for terminal operators to conduct their work as efficient as possible. Nienke Mutters conducted a simulation study on the relation between stochasticity and the performance of stacking operations of import containers.

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