Our journey so far

In 2018, we took the leap and made Nairobi the home of another Rebel office. As Rebel we are motivated to make impact on this huge continent with all its potential. Below we share our journey so far.

Our journey so far; a selection of Rebel projects on the African continent

In the past years we took on many exciting projects, each with its own impact in the region. Very soon it was clear to us that the projects would only increase, mainly because our excitement did the same. With our office in Nairobi we have a local presence in East Africa and the benefits of being on the continent are already manifest.

Curious which projects we took on so far? Below we have mapped out a selection of Rebel’s recent projects in Africa.


1. Transaction advisor privatisation port infrastructure
Rebel was hired as transaction advisor for the privatisation of the port infrastructure of Cabo Verde to increase efficiency of the ports, additional employment and economic growth.

2. Study on rehabilitation of historic city centres (medinas)
Rebel is conducted a feasibility study of the ‘Medinas 2030’ Investment Programme; a study on the Rehabilitation of Historic City Centres (Medinas) in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Towns, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Rehabilitation of the medinas could lead to better livelihoods for the people and spin-offs for the wider economy.

3. Savanna commercial irrigation and smallholder development (ongoing)
The ‘Savanna Commercial Irrigation And Smallholder Development’ project focuses on expanding commercial viable irrigation practices in the Sisili-Kulpawn basin through the delivery of high quality irrigation support, new technology development, knowledge transfer, promoting water use efficiency, sustainability and secure farmer revenues for both Smallholders and the Nucleus Estates.

4. Market scoping study Facility for Agricultural Finance in Africa (ongoing)
Rebel conducted the market scoping study and facility structuring for the establishment of FAFINA; a pan-African vehicle that will provide critical financing in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a target fund size of USD 600 million. An essential facility since many African nations are dependent on the agriculture sector for income, food security and job opportunities. FAFINA increases access to finance for currently underserved small and medium sized agribusinesses.

5. Design and establish African Urban Sanitation Investment Fund (AUSIF; ongoing)
Rebel has been commissioned by the African Development Bank – and the African Water Facility in particular – to design, structure and establish an investment fund. Investments by AUSIF improve the quality of sanitation facilities through citywide inclusive sanitation (CWIS), fecal sludge management (FSM) and the provision of innovative approaches along the sanitation value chain. The living conditions of the urban poor are improved by improving the quality of sanitation facilities.

6. Advise on the potential role of blended finance
Rwanda has achieved impressive economic growth rates over the past decade. Rebel – commissioned by the Department for International Development (DFID) – advised the government of Rwanda on the potential role of blended finance and de-risking instruments in the context of Rwanda’s economy. The main goal is to increase private finance into future infrastructure developments.

7. The procurement and contracting of rapid transit buses
This project enables commuters in the BRT Dar Es Salaam to use an efficient and reliable payment system. Rebel led the transaction advisory team for the Dar Rapid Transit (DART) Agency for the procurement and contracting of rapid transit buses and fare collection equipment and the recruitment of a fund manager under a USD 100 million PPP arrangement.

8. Feasibility study African Union Youth Fund (ongoing)
The African Union (AU) Assembly decided to establish an African Youth Fund that will enhance the resource base for investments in youth employment, empowerment and development all over Africa. Rebel is currently assisting in designing the fund and its guidelines.

9. Case Study: Trust for Urban Housing Finance
Rebel provided a case study that explores the story of South African TUFH’s (Trust for Urban Housing Finance) growth and investment challenges over the past 15 years, contributing to the quest to find models to effectively realize affordable housing in Africa.

10. Increase quality health care by involving the private sector (ongoing)
Rebel has been commissioned by the UN SDG Platform for Health to support Isiolo County in their bid to increase the quality of primary health care in Isiolo by involving the private sector. Rebel acts as the transaction advisor for the County for investments in primary care.

11. Development of 75 MW Hydropower project (ongoing)
Rebel aims to initiate the development of a 75 MW Hydropower project with a private consortium. This Multipurpose Dam Development Project (MMDDP) in Kenya is a proposed large-scale water reservoir designed for water supply, irrigation, river regulation, flood control, and power production. The project will lead to increased access to energy and water.

12. Study full costs development finance for water infrastructure (ongoing)
Debt burdens of developing countries are increasing. In order to use development finance more effectively, Rebel is conducting a study for GIZ to improve our understanding of the full costs of development finance vis-à-vis domestic commercial finance for water infrastructure in Kenya and the Philippines.

13. Scale up partnership for public healthcare
Makueni County, Philips and AMREF have embarked on an exciting journey to achieve a countywide PPP for the public health care, the Partnership for Primary Care in Makueni (P4PC). Rebel was commissioned to define and structure the next steps for an effective and replicable PPP, while preserving the crucial elements of the pilot.

Opportunities in the world of infrastructure

Our office focuses on making this adventure even more sustainable by building a local Rebel team and implementing the numerous ideas we have for the development of new projects. As you can explore on the map above, our projects so far have had a high level of diversity. From projects in the agricultural sector, to the world of water and sanitation, urban development, urban housing, transport, healthcare, sustainability and energy. We will continue to do so, but with an extra focus on infrastructure. We believe the hands on mentality of our office and Rebel’s track record in the world of infrastructure worldwide, will add value to projects in East Africa.

Contact details

We look forward to hearing from you! Send Rebel East Africa’s team an email (at rob.winters@rebelgroup.com) or come and visit us in Nairobi!