From our base in Düsseldorf, Rebel Germany provides advice wherever the public sector, industry and society meet.

We advise and invest at the interface between the public and private sectors, for our Rebel heart lies where social values and private enterprise meet.


Our focus

Rebel Germany operates in many public sector areas: traditional infrastructure, smart mobility, renewable energy sources, climate-friendly transportation solutions, adaptation to climate change, area development and real estate, the circular economy and other current and future themes that concern society.

Our services

Rebel’s expertise and services encompass such things as PPP (public-private partnership); economic feasibility studies; cost-benefit analysis; evaluation; project organization, development and implementation; and funding and transaction support.

About us

Rebel was founded in 2002 by eight economists in Rotterdam and now employs some 200 staff in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Washington D.C., Johannesburg, Nairobi, Jakarta and Manila in addition to Düsseldorf. With its close ties with the other Rebel branches and experience from projects around the world, Rebel Deutschland has been providing state-of-the-art advice since 2019, including from its Düsseldorf base.

What makes Rebel special is not just our co-workers but also our organizational structure, which operates successfully without any hierarchy, partnership structure or targets. Decisions are taken collectively, based on factual arguments, not power. We have no management levels.  We all put a great deal of energy into our work and jointly contribute to the success of our company – and we offer every Rebel who has worked for us for more than a year the opportunity to become a shareholder.

Contact details

We look forward to hearing from you! Send Rebel Germany’s Director Irene Pohl an e-mail (at or come and see us in Düsseldorf!

We’re growing!

Rebel is growing, in Germany as elsewhere. We are happy to receive unsolicited job applications (at from aspiring junior consultants and assistants, and we are also keen to get to know experienced consultants and experts who will look in the mirror every morning, thinking ‘No change without a Rebel’.