Our world is constantly changing and evolving. This presents both opportunities and challenges for the way we live, work, build and travel. Rebel’s expertise covers all aspects of this market. Because we know how it works.

Sustainable regeneration: in brief

We advise and support public, quasi-public and private organizations on strategic issues concerning sustainable urban regeneration. Our work encompasses urban development projects, restructuring projects and the (re)development of buildings. It’s a market that involves a diverse set of players with often diverging interests – a market where many different worlds come together. Starting by formulating and optimizing business cases and development strategies, we help parties move towards implementation through process management, structuring cooperation, tendering, contracting, sales, purchasing and financing. We do all this in the hope of making this world that little bit better.

Smart cities

The world is not getting any bigger, but our cities certainly are. We help these growing cities to become smarter and more efficient: smarter cities ready to embrace the proliferation of technological opportunities just around the corner. We use technology to solve major urban issues relating to accessibility, quality of life, air quality, energy and economic vitality. We help turn municipal ambitions into reality, and search out new forms of cooperation. People are the heart of every city and so people are at the heart of what we do. That’s how to build hi-tech cities that truly meet human needs. In short: sustainable urban regeneration is the way forward.


Real estate

Wherever people come together, they need buildings. Our focus is on real estate with a public and quasi-public character. Municipal real estate, government buildings, care complexes or social housing, both public and private. We work on redeveloping buildings to accommodate new uses, on the new construction and renovation of municipal or government property with the help of innovative performance contracts. At portfolio level, we assess the real estate assets of corporations, healthcare institutions and investors, providing support for strategic real estate assessments such as sales, acquisitions, demolition, new-build or renovation work.