Keeping people on the move by working on transportation, infrastructure and mobility. Striving for equity and sustainability in an era of dramatic urban growth, rapid and unrelenting innovation and new relationships between government, market and end users.

In brief

From transportation by road, rail and waterways to high-speed links, high-capacity metro systems, fast trams, ports and airports, Rebel provides transportation advice and support for all these services. This covers transit and ticketing, smart mobility, self-driving vehicles and shuttles, bridges, tunnels and all other aspects of transporting people and goods. We take a holistic approach and contribute to the entire life cycle of each component. From the initial idea behind ​​a new transportation system, a new mobility concept, the implementation of new rolling stock or aircraft, while aiming for the solution that promotes equitable and sustainable transportation for all.


The demand for mobility is constantly increasing. The challenge lies in handling increasing traffic flows and rising demand for transportation, while keeping both rural areas and cities accessible. Mobility involves a large number of actors: the government, as provider of infrastructure, co-funder of public transportation and regulator; private-sector organizations that provide investment; public transportation companies; freight operators and providers of ITS applications and mobility services. And last but not least: billions of end users with changing mobility needs. We keep our feet on the ground by looking at mobility through a financial-economic lens and focusing on realistic new PPP ventures.

Highways, toll roads & parking spaces

Roads and highways are vital for our economy. We gravitate toward transportation issues because they represent the lifeblood of economic prosperity at all levels – from small villages to major cities and entire countries. Tackling transportation issues takes creative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking – a mindset that is second nature to us. We have what it takes to manage challenges such as rapidly increasing costs, lengthy subsidy and regulatory procedures, environmental demands and resistance to change. And we always approach transportation projects with the end user in mind.

Ticketing for train, tram, metro, bus, rental bike, rental car and ferry services

Today, automated ticketing for mass transportation takes place at the interface between the latest technologies and government policy. We provide advice throughout the process of building and implementing ticketing systems. We focus on payment systems that combine the best price with the best possible experience for end users. These are services that make the city a better place and create new opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

PPP transportation: public transportation

Contracts and licenses are powerful tools in the pursuit of better public transportation. We provide transportation advice to both clients and contractors on financial and operational aspects, and we can therefore ensure that the best bids are submitted. No challenge is out of our league: we are no stranger to water taxis and water buses, for instance, or hydrogen-powered buses for that matter. Public transportation services that are frequent, affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly – that’s what it’s all about.

PPP transportation: ports

The port sector has matured in the last two decades. Growth and returns are lower, competition in the industry is more consolidated and on the rise. Attracting volumes and financing is more challenging as business models are being scrutinized in much more detail. Creative and innovative business models, contracts and financing options are required to close deals and unlock the sector’s potential. This applies to both private sector organizations and port authorities. We take an integrated approach to finding smart solutions for financing and investment. Get to know our team of ports and logistics experts.

PPP transportation: airports

While international air traffic continues its upward trajectory, the market is undergoing a complete transformation. It is a shift driven by deregulation and rapid advances in technology. The result is improvements in economic and environmental efficiency. Airports play a key role in preventing bottlenecks in the aviation chain. It is vital to invest in capacity and modernize outdated infrastructure. We develop new contracting and financing models that boost commercial performance and improve the allocation of risk. Our aim is to represent the interests of passengers, governments and investors.