How do we ensure that our education system, school real estate, probation service and youth services are future-proof? Rebel equips the social sector with advice on these issues.

Developments in the social sector: in brief

Internationally, municipalities are increasingly being tasked with shaping the social. This process of decentralization means that municipalities are now on the front line when it comes to organizing the local living environment. Quality and efficiency must go hand in hand. This is no small task. It requires vision, innovation, decisive action and a healthy dose of common sense. We combine our specialist sectoral knowledge and experience with drive, dedication and an intrinsic desire to make the world a better place.

District teams

In certain contexts, district teams are the municipal answer to current ambitions in the social domain. These teams provide integrated support at a local level, support that local residents can relate to. Municipalities can opt for different implementation strategies. Sometimes these form part of the municipal organization, and sometimes they are organized independently. Which form of social sector advice works the best? What needs to be considered, what needs to be arranged, and what is the most sensible way of doing things? We offer support in designing and evaluating district teams. We also assist municipalities with the actual implementation of the policy.

Putting citizens first

The participatory society is gradually taking shape. We are coming to expect more initiative from citizens. Municipalities are searching for a new role in which their purpose is to provide a framework and focus less on implementation. But this is easier said than done. Not only does it require municipalities to reinvent themselves, but it also means that residents, social entrepreneurs and other partners need to become accustomed to their new roles. We support municipalities and entrepreneurs in adapting to these new roles.

Good education

We believe in equal opportunities for all and, with this ideal in mind, we put our heart and soul into improving education around the world. Whether it is smart tendering for new school buildings, drawing up a business case for a talent program, or conducting a cost-benefit analysis for pre-school care – we focus on the full range of issues. Perhaps even more important than our valuable work for municipalities and partners is the contribution we make through our own Rebel Junior Academy. Every week, Rebels tutor a group of 7th and 8th graders from schools in Rotterdam Zuid.

Reintegration & resocialization

Views on the role of the criminal justice system are changing. The number of offenders behind bars is falling rapidly, as sentences are increasingly being served in the community. Reintegration and resocialization are the new watchwords, while safety is increasingly being viewed in relation to duty of care. Effective collaboration between the fields of criminal law, psychiatric care, care for the disabled, rehabilitation, the labor market and municipalities is becoming increasingly important. This means that organizational, cooperation and funding issues need to be addressed. We stand ready to tackle these complex issues.