Better quality care that costs less – that is Rebel’s ultimate goal. We are committed to better value for money, a healthcare market that functions better, and healthcare providers who perform better.

In brief

No other sector is as diverse as the healthcare sector, and no other sector is subject to the same degree of constant change. The Netherlands has traditionally scored well on quality of care. But due to our ageing population, the introduction of more advanced technology and increasing demand, our healthcare costs are rising. Work is being done in many areas to keep care affordable while maintaining standards of quality. As a healthcare consultant, Rebel has been lending a hand for many years already. We do so by devising and implementing innovations that we ourselves believe in. We combine financial and economic skills with a thorough knowledge of the sector to provide the best advice on healthcare.

Healthcare consultancy for residential care organizations

We help care organizations to finance their activities and real estate plans. This includes hospitals, nursing homes and many other types of care institutions, and can cover mergers, renovations or new construction plans. We work with stakeholders (managers, specialists, insurers, end users and care partners) to develop affordable plans that can be financed.

Progress in care

Will we still need hospitals in 2040? If you broke a leg in 1970, you would have spent up to six weeks in hospital. These days, you might be discharged the same day and start the rehabilitation process straight away. Doctors’ surgeries are no longer made up of just one general practitioner and an assistant, but are fully fledged companies with their own specializations. E-health is making treatments more effective and improving patient safety. Progressive improvements in curative care are what we focus on. With our knowledge of finance and the healthcare sector, we help to draft feasible business cases and come up with new systems and mechanisms that promote out-of-the-box thinking. This is how we make our healthcare projects a success!

Growing older happily with healthcare partnerships

Everyone looks forward to a contented retirement. But today’s and tomorrow’s ‘senior citizens’ have different needs and expectations to those of past generations, including in the field of healthcare. These include staying fit and healthy and – where necessary – being cared for in the place that you feel happiest: your own home. They want care geared toward maintaining quality of life by focusing on the needs and preferences of clients. Rebel plays its part, working with care providers, clients, health insurers, government departments and municipalities to achieve innovative forms of care, residential concepts, organizations and forms of funding that can facilitate innovation.

A fragile equilibrium

Not everyone is able to participate fully in society. For those with an intellectual disability or a psychiatric disorder, life can be a precarious balancing act. There are times when life runs smoothly, but things can easily take a turn for the worse and all too quickly these vulnerable individuals may find themselves on the margins of society. Since these people do not fit neatly into categories, our work in this sector mainly involves integrating various systems to create a care chain. We work for the healthcare institutions (mental healthcare organizations and forensic care) and municipalities that work on behalf of this group. Recent decentralization and changes to the care system have brought major changes in the way care is organized and funded. We are providing support during this transition process in our role as mental healthcare consultants and by helping municipalities purchase care services. We also help care providers by developing innovative concepts and helping them to analyze social costs and benefits.

Growing up

Every young person deserves to grow up in a safe and stimulating environment. Children are our future, after all. A lot has changed in youth care in recent years. Municipalities have been given a new role and healthcare organizations have had to settle into a new position and comply with new rules. This has been a complex transition, one that continues to demand a great deal from both municipalities and healthcare providers. But for us this kind of revolution is familiar ground and gives us the scope to shine. We devise innovative contracts and tenders, developing organizational and funding models that promote value creation for children and the wider community. We work on innovative new propositions for healthcare providers.

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