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Quite unexpectedly, we have recently been granted a look into a different world. While we were all forced to stay at home, alone or together, perhaps scared, bickering or bored – something else flourished; our planet.
We got a glimpse of a cleaner, quieter world under a crystal-clear blue sky. Without endless traffic jams or monotonous planes roaring overhead.

Apparently things can be changed! Did we really have to get into our cars every day? Were those many hours on the train really crucial for our productivity?

The big question is whether we learned anything from what we witnessed and experienced.
Will we stand crammed in trains and metros like nothing happened? Are we going to resume our position, standing still in the back of the traffic jam?

We at Rebel seek to use valuable lessons learned, to make our country smarter, cleaner and more pleasant. Let’s change together. And let’s do it for good.

Rebel is a willful group of consultants and developers, known for their directness and unique approach.
Young entrepreneurs, with fresh ideas that often leave the beaten track. We combine our advice with entrepreneurship, and we invest in projects that connect public sphere to the world of business. Projects, always with a positive impact on the world of tomorrow. And with a sharp focus on mobility and climate.

We, at Rebel, also were used to mainly work at the Rebel office or at the offices of our clients. And, like everyone else, we had to deal with the “new normal”.
Just like you, we occasionally experienced whining children in the background during our Zoom calls or lost connections during telemeetings. But boy, did we get something in return! The odd hour on the balcony or in the garden, instead of on the train, new thoughts about life’s priorities, valuable discussions about care and caring, and more and more positive news about the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

For the first time in ages the Himalayas were visible from India. The sky cleared up above mega cities around the world. The Paris Agreement came suddenly within reach. How fast we could notice the improvement, every day, in our own country.
Apparently, we can make a difference if we want to. So, let’s go! How? We need your help to get things done. Let’s do it for good.

Join the Rebel Mobility Challenge!

Deadline has passed. Winners will be announced in early September

Please send us your brilliant ideas on how we can maintain and build on the positive effects of recent extraordinary times. So together we can improve mobility ánd the environment for good.

Take this unique opportunity to do something permanent for the world and win € 5,000.

Let’s do it for good.

Rebel Mobility Challenge