Global Payments and Mobility Expert

At Rebel, we are at the forefront of innovation and driving radical changes regarding how people pay for mobility. Our work is right where payments, mobility, public and private sides meet. In our projects, we are modernizing fare payment systems for public transport and organizing the deployments of Mobility as a Service solutions. We are exploring new business models, market structures and technologies, and changing how public entities can innovate in this field. We are not held back by how things were done in the past and we are keen on building public-private partnerships.

In our advisory work, we ensure that the public interest is well served, suggesting solutions that are inclusive and for all and where the public gets the most bang for its buck, while leveraging private market innovation without creating any lock-ins. In circumstances, when we believe advisory work is not enough to make an impact, we invest in companies that we share a vision with or act as project developers.

To be able to take on board all the projects we find exciting across the globe, Rebel is looking for a Global Payments and Mobility Expert. Ideally, you have a good understanding of financial ecosystems and have a few ideas on how to apply retail payment innovations to public transport and mobility. You are more interested in realizing projects than theoretical exercises. You are flexible, can handle changing requirements and are (in post-pandemic times) willing to travel.

Our team’s history is rooted in transportation policy, deployment of payment systems for public transport and development of public-private partnerships. Working internationally both on the private and public side is part of our DNA. Our team is a great mixture of different nationalities, personalities and skills. We are trained in strategic advisory, procurements, project implementation, IT, stakeholder and project management and we would like you to bring a new perspective in and challenge our assumptions and the way we think about payments and mobility.

We work across Europe, Asia and North America, so we are looking for someone who enjoys international work so much, that he or she does not mind working at odd times of the day. The core team is based in the Netherlands, therefore preferably we are looking for applicants who live in a time zone somewhere between GMT +3/-6.

You’re the Kind of Person Who:

  • Has grit, a sense of humor and the drive to make a difference
  • Can easily switch between high level objectives and the nitty-gritty of the subject, and is not afraid to form an own opinion and argue for it
  • Constantly consumes information (breaking news, latest technology developments, funding rounds)
  • Is an entrepreneurial self-starter – you naturally take ownership, look for opportunities, pick up tasks on your way that weren’t stated in your work description, and do whatever it takes to drive results
  • Is a team player who enjoys jumping on calls and collaborating with clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues from different teams
  • is experienced enough to work independently, but also has the drive to learn new skills and fulfill new roles in the team (2-4 years’ of experience)

What We Can Offer

  • Varied job in a creative, entrepreneurial environment, where you will have a lot of responsibility and room for realizing your own ideas
  • Driving mobility and payment projects from all over the world and actively changing how things are getting done in the industry
  • A flat organizational structure with fun colleagues who have experience in the public sector and in startup environments as CEOs, civil servants and IT and business architects before starting their own consultancy business
  • Opportunity to become a co-owner of Rebel

About Rebel

At Rebel, we advise, invest or develop in various sectors such as urban development and infrastructure, transportation and mobility, education, healthcare and the social sector. A core discipline in the vast majority of our activities is building bridges between the public and private sector of the economy. Our role in this field of expertise is threefold: we offer strategic advice to either public authorities or private-sector companies, we invest in projects and innovations, that is to say projects and innovations that we believe in, and we act as a developer: we find new companies or invest seed capital in promising projects or funds.

Rebel was founded in 2002 because we wanted to contribute to a better world in our own way. Now you can find Rebel offices in eight countries around the globe: the Netherlands (HQ), the United States, Germany, Belgium, Kenya, South Africa, Canada and the Philippines. We also work on an ad-hoc basis in many countries.

If you recognize yourself in this description and you want to be part of a fun team that’s changing how people pay for mobility, send your CV and a few lines about why you are interested to