Bouncing Back

Rebel(lious) visions for a post-Covid-19 society

Earlier this year we published our first-ever Rebel book: Challenge Your Professional Life went to print right before Covid-19 hit. Countries were slowly starting to talk about lockdowns, travel bans were put in place, and work-from-home policies were implemented. And we wondered: what additional perspectives could Rebels bring to the table for a post-Covid-19 recovery?

Fast-forward a few weeks, we started publishing the Bouncing Back series, thought-provoking opinion pieces and action-focused advice and frameworks from Rebel experts in a range of industries and markets.

And now we present Bouncing Back, the Ebook: a content & action-focused addition to our book, packed with ideas for a better, different, more sustainable tomorrow.

The world might not look the same, and maybe we shouldn’t want it to.

No Change Without A Rebel

Preview of the Ebook ⤵