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Rebels work on the issues that affect all our futures, from sustainability, transportation and urban development to healthcare and the social sector. We make an impact, not only as consultants but also as investors. After all, anyone who believes in their own advice should be prepared to invest in it. We are committed to bringing change, initiating and realizing our own projects.

PPPs as a valuable model for Smart City programs

What would a city of the future look like? Traditional city planning is characterized by isolated functional and sectoral silos, and not on what citizens, businesses and civil societies need. A smart city combines data and a focus on ‘customer’ delivery. But bridging that transition is not easy.

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We are currently working on challenges that involve sustainability, transportation, urban regeneration, healthcare, the social sector and more. We provide quality strategic advice & development, business analysis & evaluation, partnership consulting & contracts, financial advice & modeling, and investments & fund management.

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