Winning the bid for the Le Havre terminal with Odfjell

Project to build liquid bulk storage terminal in Le Havre
GPMH (Grand Port Maritime du Havre) allocated an area of approximately 30 hectares to house a new liquid bulk storage terminal for the transhipment of products for the chemical industry. Tank storage company Odfjell asked Rebel to be a partner in the development of a bid to build and operate the terminal.

A unique contract in a complex French concession system
Most projects involve ‘normal’ terminals but this one was different. We were dealing with a liquid bulk storage terminal and the participation of a private party, a unique and challenging combination. In making this bid we relied on our extensive expertise in the areas of port development, public investment, and on our knowledge of the French concession structure. The latter was by no means the least important of the three: the French system is a complex one and we managed to navigate our way through it successfully.

Integral bid

Odfjell and Rebel worked together to come up with the winning bid which successfully combined  the technical, legal and financial requirements. We are, of course, very pleased about  the outcome of our joint effort. Doing battle for a private party is always an intense process:  competition is fierce and a positive outcome is by no means certain. This only strengthens our resolve to remain involved in both public and private sector partnerships.