The ticket to integration of public transport across borders

We support the Open Ticketing Institute (OTI) in piloting cross-border solutions for integrated ticketing, journey planning and travel information.

Supporting seamless Account-Based Ticketing throughout Europe
The European Travelers Club is an initiative of several European e-Ticketing Schemes in Public Transport wanting to ensure that all travellers in Europe can use trusted, easy and seamless Account-Based Ticketing services across borders, integrated with journey planning and travel information: ticketing becomes travelling. Rebel together with OTI support this initiative and vision.

Pilots in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany
As part of the Horizon 2020 program, the European Commission has made funds available to a consortium led by OTI to run three pilots in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany wherein an Account-Based Ticketing platform is utilized to integrate the different smartcard systems in the pilot areas for interoperability and multi-application services. Furthermore the required governance and scheme will be set-up in the program.

Driving the process forward
Rebel provides program management capacity to ensure the success of the three pilots, act as the lead architect and scheme developer to ensure the end-to-end operation of the Account-based ticketing system, and provides technical assistance in the form of presentations, workshops, specifications to guide the pilot partners through the project. We are there to make it happen.