Tendering Hart van Zuid

Redevelopment of Rotterdam South through a tender and contracting process is no a mean feat.

Redevelopment of Heart of South through tender and contracting
Rebel has supported the city of Rotterdam in the tender of the redevelopment of Heart of South PPP. This was one of the most complex urban development projects in the city, in an area that is not considered one of the easiest parts of town either. The tender was to lead to selection of a private partner charged with the responsibility to invest in the area and to realize the socioeconomic ambitions of the city at a reasonable cost. Eventually the city aims to improve, through this project, the area as a whole.

Rebel leverages the potential of the market
Rebel supported the city through a range of services – including financial business case development, risk analysis and risk structuring, contractual PPP approach elaboration and tender strategy development and process support. From experience we know how to best utilize the potential and thinking of private parties, and how to structure who does what to ensure all respective partners end up doing what they do best. We ensure realistic business case which clearly identify risks and allow the city to control its liabilities and therewith to avoid any unwanted surprises down the road. As the project progressed through its various gateways and approval points we supported with great care and diligence the political, social and administrative processes and sensibilities that are inevitably linked to highly complex projects like this.

High complexity assignment
The assignment was no mean feat. The complexity of the project is caused by the long duration of the contract and by the project’s many component parts that need to be integrated – e.g. planning, land use commercial management, real estate development, infrastructure, stakeholder processes, etc. The project became a highly regarded innovative PPP structure for urban development and reached financial close for approx. USD 200m in early 2016.


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