Supporting the build of a brand new international airport

Airports projects involve a complex balance of transport, safety, commercial and retail considerations. Rebel supported the Panglao airport project through a relentless focus on the details of this balance in order to facilitate its successful implementation.

Transaction advisors sought after
The Department of Transport and Communication (DOTC) of the Philippines together with the Civil Aviation Authority has taken the lead in the development of a new airport in Bohol province. Through the PPP Centre of the Philippines, the DOTC was seeking transaction advisors for developing and implementing the project as a PPP. The existing Tagbilaran Airport is by some considered outdated and only supports domestic flights. The new Panglao Airport is to replace Tagbilaran and handle international passengers and cargo while complying with international safety and efficiency standards.

Leading the advisory consortium to satisfaction
We led a consortium of transaction advisors and supported the DOTC and the PPP Centre through a toolkit of skills and competencies relevant to the sector and the assignment. We developed an integrated business case for the airport including technical specifications and legal, risk management and financial analysis and structuring. For the contracting aspects of the assignment PPP options were developed and prepared and we supported the parties in submitting everything to the cabinet for approval.

Realising the province’s potential
Being a priority project for the region, significant potential is seen for this new airport. Having the capacity to receive international traffic seems set to unlock multiple unforeseen opportunities for the country and the region.