Supporting public transport card payments 2.0

TLS, the current nationwide scheme operator of the Dutch national ticketing system, asked Rebel to support the decision making and business case development for transitioning the nationwide system to a new Account Based Ticketing scheme. We were very keen to support the next step in payments for public transport in the Netherlands.

Making things even easier by moving from card-centric to ID-centric
The transition to EMV (Europay MasterCard VISA) scheme we have supported will accommodate fare payments using regular contactless bank cards based on contactless EMV technology. What excited us: no more costs for transport-specific cards or card support organizations, but an improved and more direct payment service that improves the way travellers experience transit across the country.

Developing and moving a compelling business case through a complex stakeholder environment
Introduction of EMV based ticketing will require investments both by TLS and by public transport operators. Rebel was drafted to support overall strategy formation, decision making and the development of business case logic which links system costs and organizational costs to transition scenarios and commercial propositions.

Helping stakeholders understand every consequence and angle of the transition decision
We built a dynamic financial model that allows testing of different tariff scenarios, cost optimization, different regulatory and corporatization approaches, etc. – helping TLS and operators to calibrate and reach a decision on the best way forward for expedient implementation of EMV ID-based ticketing across all train, metro, tram and bus services in The Netherlands.