Supporting Metrolinx to open up the PRESTO card scheme

Metrolinx wants to transition to an open card scheme that accommodates multiple transport operators to participate – which, coming from a background where a significant number of operators has come together into a single card environment (the OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands) we support fully.

Opening the PRESTO card scheme up to other participants
Metrolinx is the agency created to improve the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Metrolinx operates the PRESTO card scheme and wants to move from a closed to an open scheme in which the roles and responsibilities of scheme participants (Metrolinx, public transport operators) are defined and assigned clearly. Rebel is retained to help it achieve this transition.

Building on Dutch and international practice toward integrated transit smart card
Our in-depth understanding of equipment requirements are key. A critical aspect in successful realization of the transition is integration of transport operators in the PRESTO scheme with their own fare collection technology. Rebel creates a governance and certification framework for the certification of devices, and a check-to-connect procedure for the integration of entities.

Contract management, successful implementation and further roll-out
Using the experience of setting up a nationwide fare collection system in the Netherlands, we provide general advice and technical expertise in Toronto. Inter alia we help to build an environment where both transit transaction data and payment transaction data are being accommodated fully. We help to develop a certification process and framework that ensures an open market for front-end devices covering both types of transaction data.