Supporting IIGF to ensure high quality PPP projects implemented in Indonesia

To tackle project risks in concession and PPP projects, the Government of Indonesia set up a guarantee fund. Rebel helps it to ensure that guarantees are tailored and effective.

Underwriting and appraisal
The Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF) provides risk guarantee services to enhance the quality and attractiveness of PPP projects being developed by the government’s line ministries and agencies. Rebel was retained as project appraisal consultants for supporting the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund in the appraisal of guarantee applications and for structuring guarantee terms and conditions.

Offered guidance and assistance
In terms of underwriting, we offered guidance and assistance to the IIGF team in providing consultation and guidance to the GCAs and its advisors. For the appraisal activities of the client, we assisted in assessing project viability and risks, developing risk mitigation tools and plans, providing final appraisal of Guarantee Application Packages and recommending whether projects can be guaranteed by IIGF – for a number of applications submitted by ministries and line agencies to IIGF.

Strengthening the institution
Our services have helped strengthen IIGF in the exercise of its function as the institution that performs underwriting and appraisal for infrastructure projects under PPP projects in Indonesia.