Strategy development Egyptian waste processing sector

The new Egypt is welcoming new ways of cooperation. We hope this project will be the first of many.

Private involvement in the Egyptian waste processing sector was lagging behind
The Egyptian waste processing sector felt that private sector involvement had been lacking in the last decade and asked us to promote it. The request came at a time when many PPP projects were taking place in the international waste processing sector and we decided the Egyptian project could serve as a showcase for the Middle East. We believe PPPs are a powerful tool when it comes to the efficient execution of public tasks. We also believe that bringing our national and international PPP experience to a sector like this represents an imported added value to the world. So we decided to say yes and to Egypt we went.

This project was a hands-on one. We left our desks, put on our boots and went off to  experience the muddy reality of waste processing in Egypt. It was great fun. Our extensive knowledge of PPPs and the waste recycling and processing sectors combined with our experience in managing international partnerships and their cultural differences really helped a lot.

New generation of PPP
The recommendations we drafted included a way of seeing through existing contracts as well as concrete guidelines for a new generation of PPP contracts to be used by the Egyptian authorities and international investors, such as the World Bank. It is not just about agreements on paper but first and foremost about the creation of a fruitful public-private partnership.


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