Roll-out new technology Inashco

Waste as the solution to a problem, that is what appealed to us about this project. From waste product to raw material: from idea to organisation. The idea was Inashco’s, the organisation was left to us.

Metal extraction from bottom ash
In their search for an alternative source of raw materials, a group of young, innovative entrepreneurs in the waste and recycling industry hit upon the idea of extracting metals from bottom ash. We came into contact with them when they were on the point of taking the next step. At Rebel we like to stimulate initiative and make a positive contribution to the welfare of the planet at the same time. We found we had a lot in common and this contributed to the success of our cooperation.

We helped set up Inashco’s organisation. They needed a business case and a roll out plan. We had our work cut out: selling, contracting, funding and optimising the technology, in short a call to entrepreneurship if ever there was one. Inashco also wanted us to implement the roll-out plan. In a bid to conquer the European market we acted both as project managers and funding managers.

Waste as a solution
The starting point for the project was to recover metals. The process also results in a cleaner residual waste product and lower processing costs for Inashco’s clients. Together Rebel and Inashco have managed to make a difference.