Relocation Assessment of Cleveland port

Rebel was able to mobilise its combined knowledge of ports, finance and real estate in a daring first assignment in the USA.

The Cleveland port relocation objectives
The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority wanted to know what the real estate market potential would be for the freed up land if Cleveland port were to be relocated. Redevelopment of the land also had to generate much-needed economic activity for Cleveland’s local economy.

Extensive assignment
Our first assignment in the US turned out to be a challenging one. It brought into play a number of Rebel competencies: financial assessment, knowledge of the port sector and real estate expertise. Some ports, like Cleveland port, are part of an urban area, causing traffic problems and environmental issues. That is why city authorities are keen to assess the possibility of moving their ports beyond the city centre boundaries. The freed up land is then destined for premium level real estate, usually in the shape of housing.

Rebel strategy
In this instance we developed a development strategy for Cleveland’s waterfront. We set about describing ten examples of dockland development that had turned waterfronts into  valuable assets. We also provided a market assessment of the potential for premium level real estate.