Refinancing of the port authority of St. Kitts

Investigating an (air)port authority in the Caribbean? This is of course an opportunity we did not want to miss.

SCASPA on the lookout for a sustainable business case
Rebel drew up a strategic plan for the St. Christopher Air and Sea Port Authority (SCASPA) in order to obtain a sustainable business case. Saint Kitts, an island in the Caribbean with around 32,000 inhabitants, was suffering from an enormous burden of debt, just like many other islands. This is why there were few investment opportunities. In order to be able to refocus on the future it was necessary to thoroughly investigate the functioning of the SCASPA. After all, how can you effectively organise a port and airport authority that promotes major social importance, while it still has to remain at a distance from the government?

Rebel examined structure
Although an island economy raises other questions than an economy such as in the Netherlands, we were able to make proper use of our expertise on structuring this type of institute. It is a typical project on the crossroads of public and private and we are familiar with operational management and the formation of strategies in this type of business. Specifically in the port and airport sector. SCASPA also required the investigation of an outsider. That is us.

And was able to offer sound advice 
We went to Saint Kitts three times to interview people and to compile information. We turned this into a financial prognosis and defined strategic directions that we tested with regard to feasibility. In consultation with the client we offered final advice about what to develop. Through the advice and transfer of knowledge we were able to offer real added value. We also learned more about how an island economy works, so it was a two-way educational experience.