Redeveloping San Fernando Airport in the Philippines

The Philippines puts considerable effort into redeveloping and optimizing former air bases and current airports nationwide; this is a push for economic development we have been closely involved in.

Advising the Philippine government
The government of the Philippines needed advice on how to design and implement a full-fledge PPP transaction and international tender for the operating and maintenance of the San Fernando Airport. It was a decommissioned military airport that was cleared for commercial traffic but the airport never reached its full traffic potential due to technical and physical limitations. A large upgrade of the airport is therefore needed and Rebel was of added value due to the transaction advisory competences and experience in PPPs.

Delivering full transaction and tendering services
To redevelop this important airport a feasibility study was needed and we developed the conceptual masterplan for the airport to meet specifications. We developed an integrated business case to identify technical requirements, performance specifications with legal, risk management and financial analysis and structuring components. We led the way for our clients by developing the PPP options for the operating and maintenance concession of San Fernando and supported submission to the cabinet for approval. Through complete management of the bid process we could select the preferred bidder.

An alternative gateway
The redevelopment of the San Fernando Airport means putting in place an alternative gateway to the economic clusters of North Luzon, the Philippines. The runway area will be widened, obstacles removed and a rebuild of land side facilities will be initiated.