Promoting PPPs in the Ukraine

We are always happy to put our PPP experience and expertise to good use in other countries. The Ukraine is no exception.

Ukraine eager for PPP market development
The Ukrainian finance ministry, the ministry for economic development and trade and the National Academy of Sciences want to improve PPP expertise in their organisations. Ukraine is facing immense investment needs which cannot be met by public funding alone. The government is trying to attract private capital and considers public-private partnerships to be the way forward. PPP knowledge and experience is very thin on the ground in Ukraine, however, and that is where Rebel came in.

Our experience helped…
Rebel’s PPP credentials are sound: apart from our involvement in numerous PPPs, at home and abroad, the Rebel founders helped initiate the Dutch PPP knowledge centre. Our unique experience allowed us to help develop PPP in Ukraine and make a small contribution towards the development of the Ukrainian economy.

…and created an extensive PPP training programme
Our multi-day staff training included four case-based learning programmes and a study visit to the Netherlands to experience PPP on the ground. We also held talks with leading Ukrainian PPP policy makers. A follow-up programme is in the pipeline. Developing a PPP market takes time and patience. Nevertheless, we are happy to have contributed towards the common good, albeit indirectly and in a very small way, and not through charity but through economic development.