Project non-European credit process EIB

Designing an ideal credit process: a job after Rebel’s own heart.

Efficient non-European credit process
The European Investment Bank (EIB) came to Rebel because it wanted a description of  an efficient credit process for its non-European credit line. The EIB is the European Union’s financing institution. Its main objective is to support large-scale European projects. About 10% of the budget goes to aid programmes in developing countries. The EIB asked us to conduct a peer review and analyse comparable credit processes such as IFC, EBRD, FMO and KfW.

Capital recovery
The recommendations we formulated for the EIB did not stop at the best way of transferring money but also focused on how to get it back. After describing the credit processes of all International Finance Institutions (IFIs) we looked at the main characteristics to see how they compared to the EIB process. We also organised a well attended and much appreciated seminar to discuss the results of the review with the EIB and all the other parties involved.

Risk management
In order to make sure money flows back into the system we argued for a stronger emphasis on risk management. We believe that financial institutions not only have a duty to take on risk responsibly but must also have risk management mechanisms in place. Our international expertise on the way financial institutions work, especially when it comes to risk assessment, stood us in good stead when tackling this job.

Stable funding
Identifying and assessing risks is an important part of our core business. It ensures stable funding for sectors that need it. A transparent credit process helps to get the money to where it’s supposed to go. And we like that.