Preparation of Guinea’s investor conference in Abu Dhabi

Attracting the attention of investors and international development partners towards Guinea’s hydropower potential. We collected information on the energy sector and packaged it into a persuasive story. Let’s hope the conference in November 2013 is a success!

Dalberg organises Guinea’s next investor conference in Abu Dhabi
Rebel’s partner Dalberg has been entrusted by UNDP, AfDB and the government of Guinea with the organisation of an international investor conference to be held in Abu Dhabi in November 2013 – Rebel was asked to determine the needs and potential of the energy sector in Guinea and provide the conference with convincing support material. Expected participants include infrastructure developers, banks and private investors as well as Guinea’s bilateral and multilateral development partners.

Rebel to provide energy sector information
We are very excited to be in charge of energy among all the sectors to be addressed at the conference. Power shortages are currently the main impediment to Guinea’s economic development. To put it mildly, the energy sector in Guinea needs serious improvements, both in terms of infrastructure investment and organisational and institutional reform. That is however not the whole story to tell: Guinea has an enormous hydropower potential which at the moment is barely exploited. Getting private parties attending the conference to consider investments in the country’s potential hydropower sites and the electric transmission network would be great. As Rebels we strongly believe a proper way of marketing these projects will give this a kick-start.

By appealingly translating the facts for investors
To make this happen we collected and packaged information about the Guinea energy sector. We are experienced in structuring energy projects on both the public and private sides, which we could combine in this assignment. Since we know how investors think, we were able to translate and structure the information in an appealing brief overview. Hopefully the conference will be successful for Guinea – and our first project in Guinea will really make a difference. We don’t say no change without a Rebel for no reason!