Pilot drink carton: cost and environmental impact of recycling

Finding out about the best way of collecting and recycling beverage cartons with a diverse array of stakeholders: Rebel is happy to be of service for the new Dutch Knowledge Institute for Durable Packaging (KIDV).

Pilot recycling drink cartons
KIDV is looking into the possibility of recycling of drink cartons in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the leaders in the field of waste management and recycling but in order to realise its future sustainability ambitions, the reuse of more packaging material should be tackled. Drink cartons are one of the packages suited for reuse: this waste stream is now incinerated almost in its entirety although 80% is made up of paper/cardboard. KIDV asked Rebel to manage the pilot which investigates the best way of collecting the cartons based on cost and environmental impact.

Rebel manages the whole process
This kind of challenge is just what we are good at Rebel. The pilots are an interesting mix of financial economic, social and technical aspects. With a diverse group of stake holders, the packaging companies, solid waste companies, municipalities, scientific institutions and the national government. All with different interests that have to be taken into account. Apart from this, new collection systems will have to be tested in terms of cost and environmental impact. We are used to managing complex decision making processes and have a thorough knowledge of the waste market. We also have a sharp sense of what is good for society. Both are needed in this assignment.

And contributes to sustainability goals
An important reason for the enthusiasm we have for this project is that we are always looking for ways in which we can help to the achieve higher standards of sustainability in the waste and recycling sector. We think we need to manage the resources available to us carefully in order to stimulate the sustainable growth of our society. Finding clever financial economic ways of recycling materials is a logical step in that direction and we are happy to contribute to a transparent decision making process that does just that.