Paving the way for new transport system in Tanzania

The Dar Rapid Transit (DART) system is the first concrete attempt of the municipality of Dar es Salaam to implement a modern, efficient and environment-friendly public transport system. Make ambitious visions come true in challenging environments, that is what we do at Rebel!

Managing the city’s increased traffic through
The DART Agency and the municipality of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania are working towards the creation of a comprehensive and organised public transport system through implementation of the DART Phase 1 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Over the past decade the city has been experiencing increased traffic congestion due to a booming population, which is now putting a strain on existing urban transit modes. By combining the capacity of a subway and the flexibility of a bus system, the new BRT, with its dedicated busway, off-board fare collection and level boarding, will greatly contribute to relieving that issue.

Procuring, contracting and recruiting
We led a transaction advisory team and provided procurement and contracting support for the purchase, maintenance and operation of rapid transit buses and an automated fare collection system, as well as for the procurement of fund management services. Prior to tender we supported approval proceedings, inter alia finalising the financial model, ensuring financial sustainability of the system and securing relevant approvals from the PPP Unit and the Ministry of Finance. We also supported arrangements for interim service provision during the tender process.

A novelty for low-income economies
The DART project in Dar es Salaam is set to become one of the largest BRT systems in the world and is the first of its kind in a low-income economy like Tanzania.