Optimising the financial implementation of SESAR

The European Union wanted Rebel to handle the financial side of the implementation of SESAR, a prestigious assignment that we were only too happy to accept.

SESAR: a flight control system for the future
SESAR, the new European flight control system will become operational from 2020. The European Union wanted Rebel to find the best way to optimise the financial side of its implementation. This project is exactly right for us. At Rebel, we pair a thorough knowledge of the air transport market and its players to a very good understanding of what attracts financial institutions and institutional investors.On the basis of the input provided by a number of potential air control system stakeholders, we formulated a specific outlook on the question which will serve as a guideline for anticipative policy measures. Implementation of such a major projects would put extra pressure on an industry that is already suffering. In order for a smooth implementation of SESAR, we suggested that the capital burden be spread over time and that both the public and private investors receive maximum incentives.

Past and future
Our report was duly handed over to the European Union: the ball is now in its court. We are happy to have made a contribution to the future of airport flight control. We have shown not only that we have an understanding of why things happened in the past but that we also have a pretty good idea of what may happen in the future.