Long-term financial plan GZA

In collaboration with GZA, we developed a manageable model that can process the hospital group’s large number of data.

Long-term financial plan: general image and different entities
Rebel designed a transparent financial model that allows GZA to set up a financial long-term plan for the entire hospital group. The model generates a general image of the group, but can also produce a long-term plan for the different entities (for the hospital campuses as well as the residential care centers).

Investments and their impact on ratios
The goal was to determine for every entity if specific investments could generate the desired recoverability in a longer period of time, and what impact the investments could have on the different profitability, solvability and liquidity ratios. We also checked whether it is possible to draft budget estimates within an entity for specific business units (like surgery). That had to allow us to determine the contribution of those business units to the whole.

Rebel developed a manageable model tailored to GZA
We had to create a clear image of what the model had to calculate and demonstrate (an important step, because of GZA’s diverse activities). The business logic of the organization also had to be clear, allowing the model to process everything correctly. For example: to calculate doctors’ salaries, it was crucial to know that their fees are partly variable.