Improving the quality of laboratory and dialysis services in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Government is looking for PPP opportunities for attraction of private financing to infrastructure projects and application of new management and business strategies in organization of healthcare services.

Health financing reform by attracting private financing
The Government is trying to introduce innovations in the healthcare sector, including decentralization of the management, involvement of private sector in the delivery of the services to the population and its further integration into the health system. The Ministry of Health is pursuing two new initiatives, establishing a centralized PPP laboratory network in Bishkek and transferring part of the public dialysis provision to the private providers in Bishkek and regions in the South of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Delivering services from the Feasibility Study up to the Contractual Close
Rebel led a consortium of transaction advisors and supported the Ministry of Health in conducting a technical, financial and legal due diligence of the current services provided by the public laboratories and dialysis centres. Based on the conclusions of the due diligence, the team strengthened the study with economic analysis, financial modelling, PPP structuring, and procurement to shape the deal in order find the best private partners.

Better value for the money
Laboratory testing is at the heart of early diagnostics and treatment plans prescribed by medical professionals. The quality of provision of dialysis services is critical for life expectancy of patients. By improving the quality of these services, the Government can optimize the healthcare spending, utilize it more efficiently and increase satisfaction and life expectancy of the patients.