High-speed rail network strategy Russia

We could see straight away that the development of a procurement strategy for the Moscow-St Petersburg HST PPP would bring value for money.

Moscow-St Petersburg HST
The Russian railway wanted to set up a tender process for its HST project between Moscow and St Petersburg. In order to do so successfully, it needed a good procurement strategy. Rebel could help them.

First project of its kind
We were happy to be involved in this project: it is the first of its kind in Russia and that makes it extra special. In Russia, projects of this kind must be implemented by existing organisations which lack the necessary technological know-how. They have to turn to foreign suppliers for the nuts and bolts as well as the expert knowledge and experience.

Rebel strategy
We based our Russian railway strategy on a review of major strategic procurement issues. Using a number of international projects as examples, we showed how these issues could be tackled. The report was duly handed in and we are awaiting the results. We think the Russian railway will certainly get their money’s worth out of this PPP project. It’s another example of how a properly set up PPP can generate added value.