Generating Pre-Feasibility Study Report for Ghanaian Road

The Government of Ghana seeks to improve for the motorway starting from the heart of Accra through the historical coastline of Cape Coast to the burgeoning port city of Takoradi road – Rebel provided the initial pre-feasibility study to help turn ambition into reality.

Assessment of arrangement for road dualisation desired
Rebel was asked to assess the (pre)feasibility of a PPP arrangement because the Ministry of Roads & Highways in Ghana was foreseeing the potential positive impact of a dualisation of the Accra-Takoradi Road on road safety and on national and regional economic development. This road connects the country’s capital city with one of its most important export harbours. Rebel was retained on account of our economic and financial background in combination with in-house infrastructural and transportation & mobility expertise.

The viability of the dualisation of Accra-Takoradi as PPP established?
We assessed the viability of the technical, economic and financial viability of the road through a PPP structure by generating a Pre-Feasibility Study Report for the Ministry of Roads & Highways. Technical and transport options were developed and detailed into specific options for the Government’s considerations. The final advisory report to the Government included high-level specifications, preliminary project assessments and a preliminary financial model. This was all prepared in line with the emerging legal and institutional framework of PPPs in Ghana.

Moving towards higher productivity
With our consultancy services this project is one of the first ‘pathfinder’ projects to be developed through Ghana’s emerging PPP framework. The dualisation of the Accra-Takoradi road will ultimately mean a better flow of traffic and increased productivity in and around of the two major cities in this region of Ghana.