Financing Isala hospitals

Convincing the market to invest €480m of risk capital at the height of the credit crunch was an exciting experience.

Hospitals and the crisis
Isala Klinieken Zwolle asked us to handle the funding for their new hospital building, an exciting assignment at the interface of healthcare, real estate and finance. Banks these days demand the same of hospitals as they do of ordinary businesses and therein lies the challenge.

Exciting and fun
Finding capital for large projects and organisations is what Rebel does often and well. It is wonderful to be able to use our financial expertise in the service of healthcare and to see organisations make great strides in professionalism. In Isala’s case funding had to be ensured at the height of the credit crunch. Moreover, we had taken the job on spec. This made it exciting and fun at the same time.

Rebel and the banks
We know what banks need to assess and structure a loan application and we did not hesitate to act on this knowledge. It enabled us to make the best possible deal. Before we met with the banks we knew funding would be feasible and the deliverables we had to provide were as good as finished. Naturally, we also advised on the negotiation strategy and translated the outcomes into hospital operational management terms. The reputation of the company and the quality of our products also smoothed the way for a trusting and productive relationship with the banks.

The result is a wonderful new hospital in Zwolle which gives Isala a head start in terms of patient care quality. We are very happy with this result. For the first time we were able to bring together our expertise in finance, real estate and the health sector in one project. And that is the added value we can bring to health sector organisations.