Devising a School Buildings Investment Fund

The School Buildings Investment Fund is a smarter and more professional way to house schools.

Better school accommodation
Schools often complain about the quality of their accommodation. New builds are costly and time consuming and most small local authorities do not take such decisions lightly. At the same time, school buildings are clocking up the years and the need for new buildings is growing. How can building new school accommodation be speeded up and improved? Rebel researched the matter and came up with the School Buildings Investment Fund. How does it work and what would be the added value of such a fund?

To help us in our research we decided to use an existing instrument, the Public Private Comparator, in a new environment, i.e. investment funds. We compared current circumstances with different types of investment funds, taking into account such ‘soft’ interests as the autonomy of the school board.

The research data provided a basis for stakeholders to devise an investment fund. The initiating party, the local authorities, had little knowledge of the matter and had variable interests. An investment fund, however, is a market player with a mindset of its own. At Rebel we understand the languages of both public and private parties. We acted as interpreters and, using the comparator and our knowledge of funds, we were able to provide valuable help. 

In with the new
We met the challenge of applying fund-related knowledge and PPC expertise to a different sector. It was hugely satisfying to see that it worked. The ongoing search for better ways of allowing schools to build usually results in tinkering with existing systems. The School Building Investment Fund is better, smarter and more professional.