Decongesting Metropolitan Manila through MTS study

Supporting the preparation of a Mass Transit System to decongest and mobilize Metro Manila, one of the largest cities in the world. Rebel was keen to take on the challenge to address the city’s typical Asian tiger problems.

Identification of transit technology for mass transport needed
The DOTC and the PPP Centre of the Philippines wanted Rebel to identify and develop a responsive and viable mass transit technology to provide interconnection along the Makati-Manila CCP Complex-Manila Bay areas through the needed infrastructure. These major growing urban centres of Metro Manila are experiencing the pains of peak-hour congestion. The improvement of the transit system by better linkages and a higher capacity MTS is bound to relieve the currently overabundant transport demand in Makati, Manila, Pasay and Paranaque in the Philippines.

Delivering services from initial study to financial close?
Rebel delivered to the DOTC and PPC Centre of the Philippines a package solution that walked the parties through the identification stages all the way to development of the Mass Transit System. By conducting alignment and transport demand studies we determined the required detailed alignment and transit technology. Through assessment of technical and economic viability and financial/PPP modalities, project development and market research was conducted. We designed the technical requirements and performance specifications that allows for contracting and implementation of smooth transit of people along with legal, economic, risk and financial assessments of the system’s financial, economic and technical performance. We helped the parties get closer to actual realization of this project by support on government approval processes and preparation of the PPP bid process.