Container terminal for sale

Privatising process
The Montenegro authorities asked Rebel to facilitate the sale of the Bar container terminal. The transaction forms part of the privatisation process currently underway in the country. Montenegro is aiming for less state involvement and is selling off many of its assets. 

Rebel gets involved..
Rebel faced a difficult challenge. The terminal, which handled a combination of container and break bulk activities, was operating on out-dated principles in a competitive market. Clinching a deal on conditions that would satisfy both parties was not going to be easy.

..and manages the whole process
Rebel managed to solve a complex puzzle: it found a buyer which the Montenegro authorities were happy with. We managed the process from beginning to end, from feasibility phase to final close. It took two years in all, enough time to build a good relationship with the people involved. We are confident that partnerships like these will provide a positive impulse to the development of the port sector, and Montenegro as a whole.