Business case sorting line bulky waste: recovering raw materials from waste

AEB is the publicly owned Energy-from-Waste facility in Amsterdam. It is one of the biggest and most efficient facilities in the world. AEB is in the transition towards a durable energy and resource provider. Rebel has validated the first business case in this transition: the sorting line for bulky household waste.

Overcapacity in the Dutch EfW market forces waste companies to rethink their strategic position
How do we ensure that the first step towards a more sustainable position will be successful? That was the question asked to us. The incineration market of which AEB is part of has been under pressure: tariffs are plummeting and competition is fierce. This forces EfW companies to make real choices: in order to stay competitive and retain customers, companies are repositioning themselves, and AEB is no exception. We have a background in both waste management and strategic transitions. So this is an assignment close to our heart.

AEB chooses a focus on regaining raw materials form bulky waste
AEB has always focused on high operational standards of technology and safety in their incineration business. A sorting line for bulky waste offers the opportunity to start with the transition to a resource recovery company. The renewed focus on recycling activities asks entrepreneurial spirit in the organization. This lends an extra dimension to this assignment. We can offer support based on our knowledge of the waste sector, our financial background and our change management expertise.

Rebel mapped opportunities, risks and the financial conditions
We started with the validation of the business case of AEB. Next, we conducted market research on the competitive position of the future sorting line and mapped the financial and market risks and how to mitigate these. AEB now has a comprehensive understanding of the sensitivities of the business case and knows which risks are in their power to influence. AEB is now in control to make this sorting line a success.