Advising the Asian Development Bank on their operational PPP strategy

When an important player like the Asian Development bank asks you for advice on their operational PPP strategy, you don’t think twice.

Different approach to PPP
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) wanted a change to its ‘traditional’ project development approach and asked Rebel to come up with business models for structuring viable and bankable PPP deals that are in accordance with ADB loan mechanisms. Asia has been looking at means to mobilise the continent’s private savings for investment purposes for some time. The public sector alone is not in a position to shoulder major investments.

Extraordinary project
To us as Dutch PPP specialists, the project was an extraordinary one. We were very happy to be able to contribute in our own small way to the important work ADB is doing. The ADB is a long-standing and valued Rebel client. By supporting Asian countries in their economic development it plays a key role in the advancement of public-private partnerships as a means of delivering public investments.

A Rebel-made shift in orientation and organisation…
Using a mixture of process management and content input, we were able to accomplish a remarkable shift in orientation and organisation at ADB. Traditionally, private and public sector operations are covered by separate entities within the bank. We successfully argued that (i) this division of labour would no longer hold if the bank wished to pursue the PPP route, (ii) the public sector counterparts of ADB, in particular, needed support, and (iii) the development of home-grown examples would be the best way of promoting the PPP option.

…contributed to the Asian PPP market
The ADB has now adopted an operational strategy focused on (i) support for its public sector counterparts by its public sector departments, and (ii) the development of concrete PPP transactions. As dedicated fans of PPP, we are extremely happy to have contributed to the development of the PPP market in Asia.


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