Accelerating PPPs in Tanzania

Tanzania wanted to stimulate PPPs and we were happy to help.

Converting new rules and regulations into projects
When the Tanzanian government asked Rebel to help them stimulate PPPs, we were more than happy to accept the challenge. Unfortunately, earlier attempts by the government had been less than successful. With the arrival of a new national PPP act governing policy and regulation, the government is now actively looking for concrete projects.

Rebel guidelines 
We have international experience in both the public and private sectors and are at home in the area of policy and transactions as well. Each country presents its own specific challenges when it comes to involving the private sector. What we offer is a strategic outlook on both people and market conditions. We are currently developing guidelines which take in the needs of the project agencies and private markets. We also establish which party is best suited to initiate a project.

Making policy work for projects
We took on this project with alacrity because it provided a good case study of how a legal framework may not necessarily guarantee the success of a project. We strongly believe the best results are reached through projects rather than policy. This project is a great example of how to turn a positive policy into projects with an added value.